Chance for All to Join the development of changing Bangladesh together with LONDONAS CHARITY FOUNDATION.
We have a large number of population which is absolutely a massive power than any explosive. But most of the people are uneducated & deprive from general needs of life. But together we can change the scenario of this and can build an active and educated Bangladesh. 
We believe, we've the holy motive to help the distress and poor inside our mind but most of the time we don't get opportunity. LONDONAS CHARITY FOUNDATION is providing you the space to help this neglected part of population to make a strong hand for Development of our motherland. 

Our MOTTO & Activities: 
1. Build a strong and active nation utilizing the manpower. 
2. Eradicate poverty and illiteracy from poor and autistic people. 
3. Arrange meal & clothing for street children and autistic people. 
4. Provide free education for street and homeless children to build their future. 
5. Every Friday & Saturday free meal and teaching for street children and autistic people. 
6. Supply free medication for street children and autistic people. 
7. Clean garbage and roads. 
8. Make Green City. 
9. Interdict Child Marriage from society. 
10. Increase Social Status for poor people and autistic people. 
11. Arrange small loan for cottage industry. 
12. Motivate poor people for a golden future. 
13. Make each hand a worker hand. 

LONDONAS CHARITY FOUNDATION is looking for such citizen of Bangladesh among 3rd Generation people to join this Group who are willing to help poor and distress. 
Who are interested please  
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Charity brings to life again those who are spiritually dead.